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Heritage Society

Killeen Economic Development Corporation
          Jerrold B. Katz Foundation
          Tom and Carlie Burdett
Bill Kliewer
Copperas Cove Industrial Foundation
Drayton McLane
First Community Foundation, Inc
Keystone Concrete
Union State Bank / Verabank

Patriot Society

Albert & Ethel Herzstein Foundation
City of Harker Heights
D. Matt Connell
Monteith Abstract and Title Company
AMS Pictures, Inc
Belton Wild Card Bingo Unit
Bill and Jean Shine
City of Copperas Cove
David Bay
Fort Hood National Bank
Metroplex Health System
Ted Smith and Caryl Ciccone
Terry Tuggle
Allen and Virginia Cloud
Ashford Home Builders
Darrel and Anna Marie Charlton
David Palmer
Emilio and Margie Perales
Eugene Wentworth, Jr.
Firebird Targets
Fund Raising Strategies, Inc
Ivor McKay
Jack Smith
James C. Thomason
Jim and Ikuko Bondi
John Dean
Killeen Power Sports, LTD
Military Order of the World Wars
Otis and Rosalyn Evans
Robert M. Shoemaker
Rocky Park
Roger Williams
Ronald Perry
Ruby Wayman
1st Cavalry Division Association
Abe and Sheila Racine
Antoine Noun
Art and Nan Junot
AUSA Ft Hood Central TX Chapter
Baylor Scott & White - Central Texas Foundation
Bell Helicopter
Benjamin Griffin
Central Texas College
Chuck Ricks
Copperas Cove Lions Club
Cristine Gibney
Dustin Dewald Custom Homes
Ed & Candy Mullen
Exit HomeVets Realty
Fort Hood Area Association of Realtors
Griffin Lord
Huckabee & Associates
Jack Scarborough
James Edgar Taylor Sr
James Kinnear
Joe Bowen
John Reider
Jose Segarra
JWC Commercial & Property Management
Lawrence Phelps
Let Us Do The Cooking
Lott, Vernon, and Company, PC
Michael Finn
Mike Elliott
Mike Thornton
Nancy Boston
Network For Good
Newton Circle Creative
Patton Kaufman
Paul and Danny Funk
Rich and Diana Kaye
RPI Zone
Sandra Jones
Shannan Shipman
Solution One Industries, Inc
Subhani Foundation
Temple Chamber of Commerce
Texas Crushed Stone Company
Theron Johnson
Tyrone McLaurin
Allan Brier
AmeriVet Enterprises LLC
Anthony Triola
Arrow Trailways
Ashley Furniture
Benjamin Silver
Bill Funk
Bill Webster
BKCW Insurance
Bob and Jane Fossum
Brad Buckley
Bradley and Holly Sheppard
Carlyle Walton
Cedar Crest Hospital
Celebration Church
Charles "Doc" Anderson
Chris Osborne
City of Liberty Hill
Clyde and Janice Glosson
Connie Kuehl
Coryell Feed and Supply
Daniel Hendrex
Don Davis
Elwood Shemwell
Ernesto and Katherine Hernandez
Exit Heart of Texas Realty
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
General Dynamics Land Systems
George Shott
Grace Christian Center
Grant and Donell Teaff
Graphic Concepts
Hans Mark
Hilton Garden Inn Temple
International Realty
Jackson Huang
Jeanne Isdale
JHJ Dream Homes of Texas, LP
Jim Schwertner
John Carter
John Yeosock
Kenneth and Marjory Haedge
Lawrence Schneider
Lillian (Ann) Farris
Michael Finn
Michael LaChance
North Texas Community Foundation
Oran Hrncir
Pagel & Sons Jewelers, Inc.
Perry Cloud
Phillip Riley
PODS Central Texas
Richard and Carol Will
Richard Graves
Rick Lynch
Rick Rowe
Roger Alford
Sam Floca, Jr.
Scott Cosper
Seton Medical Center Harker Heights
Stan Lenox
Steve and Linda Hall
Steve Brown
Susan Clifton
Susan Worth
Texas Hereford Association
The Army Marathon
Thomas and Ann Jost
Tim Smith
Timothy Hancock
Topsarge Business Solutions
Velmay Power
VFW Post 4008
Vista Real Estate
Walter Ulmer
3G Resources
Aaron Helton
Adam Moore
AJ Crittendon
Alan Lambert
Alberto and Josefina Castillo
Alex Beckjord
Alfons Kleindienst
Amanda Wade
Amber Quaranta-Leech
Amelia Rodriguez
American Abstract & Title Company
America's Drug Free Productions, Inc
Amy McCaffrey
Andres Maldnado
Andrew and Bettye Marchant
Andy Duvall
Angie Holbrook
Anielka Ortiz
Ann Eggers
Anne and Arthur Fesler-Butts
AnnMarie Mckenna
Anthony Dunn
Anthony Rossi
Anthony Sabene
Anthony Schlueter
Antionette Williams
Apolonio Enriquez
Atlas Farms
Barbara Adams
Barbara Hubbard
Barbara Leasley
Barrow Brewing Company
Barry Hinshaw
Becky Isbell Agency
Bell County Historical Commission
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Benjamin Lazo
Betta Yeosock
Bette Gilmore
Beverly Luedke
Bill and Tracie McMeans
Bill Frazer
Billy Casey
Billy Cotter
Billy Hill
Bob Hicks
Bobby McFarland
Bonnie Kelley
Brad and Linda Livingstone
Brad Reuther
Brandon Mackinnon
Bransom Real Estate
Brett Thomson
Brockley Moore
Bruce and Julie Muckerson
Bruce McRae
Bruce S. Lane
Bryan Keith Henson
Burks Insurance Agency, Inc.
C.E. Wren
Calvin and Ruth Brundrett
Carissa Duran
Central Texas Heritage Funeral Home
Century 21 Premier Realtors
Charles Baumann
Charles O'Hara
Charles Turner
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chris Aragon
Chris Dunlap
Chris Rein
Christian D. Orr
Christopher and Holly Morgan
Christopher Flor
Christopher Jenkins
Christopher John Annantuonio
Churchill Cattle
Cindy H Henderson
Cinergy Cinemas
City of Killeen
Claire M. Zengou
Clifton Chamber of Commerce
Charles F. Densford
Combined Federal Campaign
Connie Radar
Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness
Cove Plumbing
Crystal Crowder
Custom Transmission
Dale and Nancy Roe
Dan and Cindy Yancey
Daniel McClinton
Danny Meigs
Daryl B. Dorcy
David and Donna Michael
David Barksdale
David Collins
David Cotter
David E Johnson
David Ellis
David Hall
David McKnight
David Morris
David Wiseman
Dean A Nowowiejski, PhD
Deanna Wheeler
Debbie Andries
Delia Bustillo
Dena Parks
Dianne Campbell
Dick Pollard
Dominion Energy
Don and Ivy Canole
Don and Carolyn High
Don Nicholas
Don Taylor
Donald C. Elder, III
Donald Campbell, Jr.
Donald Farek
Donald Schram
Donald Stiver
Doreen Kinkel
Dorian Dedene
Doug Jackson
Douglas B. Sherrow
Duncan Forest
Dustin MacCracken
Dwane Cummings Cummings
Ed Bandas
Ed Matney
Eduardo Funcke
Eldon Anderson
Elizabeth Smith
Ennis McGinley
Entertainment MVPS
Eric and Julie Armstrong
Eric Karl Schuster
Eric Napler
Erin Shank
Fernando Fernandez
First Giving
Forrest L Thompson
Francis "Guy" Smith
Francis Baldwin
Frank and Susan Mars
Frank Janicke
Fred and Teresa Chavez
Fred Bartram
Frederich W Otto
Frederick F Duggan, Jr
Fredericks Country Store
Gabe Colon
Garland McSpadden
Gary Cluck
Gene Silverblatt
Gene Watson
George A Small
George and Connie Timko
George McClintock
Gilles Blais
Gina Pence
Glen and Glenda Cosper
Glen Bordak
GMH Construction, INC
Gonzalo Garza
Grandmas Unplugged
Great Escape of Central Texas
Gregory and Martha Schannep
Gregory and Yolana Todd
Gregory Vernon
Groesbeck Lions Club
Guest 8 AUSA
Gwendolyn Anlian
H. Leon Hardy
Hank Perry
Harold Irlbeck
Harold Lopato
Heather Cross
Heather Gallardo
Helen Davids
Henry Laskey
Herbert Theis
Herrings Rental and Property LLC
Holy Family 4th Degree - Knights of Columbus No. 1809
Hugh and Debbie Shine
Ilene Sheahan
Insuk Enochs
J R Gilbertson
J.C. Walker
J.D. Sheffield
Jack Oliver
Jack Schmitt
Jackie McCommas
Jacob Fenton
Jacqueline Thomas
James A. Endicott, Jr
James and Donna Taylor
James and Elizabeth Pierce
James and Heather Copeland
James and Susan Crumrine
James and Susan Kamas
James Duncan
James Leidenberg
James R. Hodges
James Rowe
James Zimmerman
Janda Edwards
Janet Clark
Jason Hancock
Jason Saunders
Jay and Beth Ann Walker
Jay McKenna
Jay Portnoy
JB Taylor
Jean Sutherland
Jeffrey and Janice Parker
Jeffrey C Hahn
Jen Robinson
Jennifer Korte
Jerry DeFeo
Jerry Sneed
Jessica Raines
Jim and Janie French
Jim and Jeanne Hewitt
Jim Boyd
Jim Bralley
Jim Foster
Jim Kilpatrick
Jim Savage
Jim Wright
Jimmie Don and Ellen Marie Aycock
Jo Ann Hunter
John A. Rice, Sr
John and Holly Thomson
John and Lynn McKemie
John and Shirley Stephenson
John C Mahaney, JR
John Firth
John Hughes
John Kade
John Kostecki
John Martin
John McGrath
John Mills
John Mosher
John S. Gibson
John S. Pokrifcsak
John Sanders
John Seibel
John Shank
John Skaggs
John Vasilchin
John Wayne
John Yearwood
Jolene McCord
Jordan Rosipal
Joseph A Tully
Joseph Bonapart
Joshua Goodson
Joy Custer
Judy Garrett
Judy Kilpatrick
Judy Paradice
Julia Dorroh
Justin Donnelly
K.D. West
Karen Betts
Karen Bevill
Katelyn Perez
Kates Monroe
Katherine Kage
Katie Smith
Katrina Becker
Keith Carothers Homes, Inc.
Keith Sledd
Kelly Stark
Ken and Anna Marie Cox
Ken Kamper
Kendrick Construction
Kenneth Kelly
Kenneth Plake
Kent Gonser
Kevin Dewey
Kevin Kelly
Killeen Eye Center
Kim Trevino DaPra
Kirschner Enterprises, INC
Kristopher Dryer
Larry Cole
Larry Philbrick
Larry Poston, Sr.
Larry Thorson
Laura A. Aguilar
Laura I Mignano
Lauren Reider-Hallmark
Lawrence A Grotts
Lawrence Van Arendonk
Leah McGee
Lee and Tricia Newton
Lee Poinier
Leland Gersbach
Lena Anderson
Leo and Khristine LaChance
Les and Linda Ledger
Life Moves Yoga
Linda Angel
Lindsey Kendrick
Lisa Coffman
Lisa Hughes
Lloyd Wickett
Logos In Thread
Luis Rivera
Lynn Rivers
Maggie Plaster
Mamie Jordan
Maria L. Kernan
Marilyn M Shook
Marjorie Halvorson
Mark Coplen
Marnie Beth Finan
Martha Tyroch
Mary Bourdon
Mary Jane Ames
Mary Jo Burton
Maryette Clifton
Matt Sims
Matthew Kristoff
Matthew Welch
Meredith Cantrell
Michael Keefe
Michael Kimbo
Michelle Maude
Mike Hall
Mike Kriegle
Mike Payne
Misty Biddick
Molly White
Monmouth Beach Veterans Association
Moses Ellis
Mt. Hiram Masonic Lodge #595
Murray and Rebecca Snook
Nancy Bruce
Nancy Carothers
Nancy Eaton
Nancy Nelson
National Banks of Central Texas
National Cattle Services, Inc
Nicholas P. Sands
Nicky Tharpe
Nikki Menegos
Nocked & Loaded
Papa John's Pizza
Patricia Evans
Patricia Wiseman
Paul Znika
Paula Copeland Copeland Kubiak
Paula Lohse
Paulette Calhoun
Pete Taylor
Peter Beronio
Peter Zuckerman
Powell & Leon LLP
Prosper Walker
Rachael Schuck
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers
Ralph Holderman
Randy Anderson
Ranier Sunga
Rebecca Clonts
Reese Bruechner
Renee Stoughton
Rex Weaver
Rhonda Pavelka
Richard Archer
Richard Beard
Richard Diller
Richard Edison
Richard Powell
Richard Sanger
Richard Squyres
Rita Shearer
Robert and Claire Hilton
Robert A Nobile
Robert and Catherine Glenn
Robert B Alexander
Robert Carr Vincent Trust
Robert Chody
Robert Ferraro
Robert H. Long
Robert Hankins
Robert Pippin
Robert Randall Brown
Robert Reeves
Robert Smith
Robert W. Rust
Rod Henry
Rollin Coal BBQ
Ronald and Barbara Garland
Ronald and Floristine Gray
Ronald Baron
Ronald Slack
Ronald Stokes
Rosalind Evans
Roy and Dorothy Powell
Rudy D Fritz
Russel Cochran
Ryan McLane
Saba Halaby
Samuel L. Murphey, Jr
Sandra Harmon
Sandy Whitacre
Scott & Jackie Wilmot
Scott Arey
Scott Gum
Scott Hamric
Scott Presuhn
Sharna Fitzgerald
Sharon Tabor
Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc
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Shelby Ellsworth
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Sherry McDowney
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Stephanie Reeves
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Stephen Rayne
Stephen Tatro
Stephen Westby
Steve and Peg Kornguth
Steve Draper
Summers Construction Co.
Susan Ice
Susan Martin
Tad Dorroh
Tae-Shin Kwon
Tammy Mosedale
Temple-Belton Board of Realtors
Teresa Adams
Terry and Jackeline Fountain
Texas Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Inc.
Texas Society of Professional Engineers
The Richard S. Hirschfield Trust
Theodore Stroot
Thomas and Martha Crawford
Thomas A. Boren
Thomas and Joanne Lueck
Thomas G. Quinn
Thomas Overturf
Thomas Roger Benson
Tilman and Wyndell Bishop
Timothy L. King
Tod J Carmony
Todd and Sharon Schwenke
Todd Ritchie
Todd Smith
Tom Gordon
Tom Lueck
Tony and Mary Dale
Tony Leija
Topsarge Business Solutions
Tracy Thomas
Tracy Welch
Travis Hildebrand
Trenton Middleton
Trey Goldsmith
Trip Pomeroy
Twins Cleaners Drapery and Blinds
Tyrone Maurice (Jamison)
Tyrone McLaurin
Velmay de Wet
Vernon Machardy
VFW Post 8577
Victor and Jennifer Garcia
Victor Dery
Virgie Dellinger
W.D. and Joan Ray
W-2 Cattle Co.
Walt Smith
Warren Fitts
Wayne Rankin
Wendy Killam
Western Skies Mobile Home Park
Will Duval
William and Evelyn Brock
William and Marilyn Gearan
William and Mary Melton
William Calvert Fitts
William Carter
William E. Cox, III
William Harrah
William Ramer Smith
Wood House Day Spa
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